Eodred Arabasti II


King Eodred Arabasti II ruled the Varisian city of Korvosa until his unfortunate and sudden death. Some suspected his wife, Queen Ileosa Arabasti had a hand in his death. But no proof could ever be presented. Following his death, the city of Korvosa went into a panic and devisions within the city formed. Eventually the city died down, and Queen Ileosa became the new ruler of Korvosa

The son of Queen Domina, he was born Arkapallus Arabasti, but took the name of the popular king Eodred Arabasti I in the hopes of riding on his successes. His reign was steady if unexceptional, and he was known for having a keen skill at dealing with the noble houses of both Korvosa and Cheliax. He negotiated numerous favorable trade agreements with Korvosa’s former mother country, and was respected for initiating numerous good works within the city. His private life was marked by scandal and excessive spending, and Eodred was known for having an expensive liking for young women. It surprised no one, that when he finally married, it was a woman a third his age.

His half-brother Venster, was something of a shamed secret amongst the kingdom. Eodred loved his brother, but knew that his deformity was not good for political appeal. As such, Venster was kept hidden within the castle walls. Nightly, Eodred would play games with his brother. Some would say it was out of love, others out of guilt.

Eodred Arabasti II

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