Ileosa Arabasti


Queen Ileosa Arabasti is the most recent monarch of the Varisian city of Korvosa.

Ileosa Arabasti was born to one of Cheliax’s most powerful families. Instead of marrying a wealthy Chelish nobleman, as was expected of her, she rejected her family’s authority and moved to Korvosa. King Eodred Arabasti II fell in love with this intoxicating young and beautiful girl, and after a scandalously short courtship married her.

She held much of the city in open contempt, and was conversely not well-liked among the populace. After the death of King Eodred, factions formed within the city. Some suspected the Queen of foul play and tried to oust her from power. Her ascension to power was quick and fierce. Upon solidifying her power, she began restructuring the government and dismissing cabinet members.

Ileosa Arabasti

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