A Queen's Desire

Raven's Recollection of the Journey so Far

The Fortune Teller
Over the past few months, Raven has experienced all sorts of wonders, connections, and horrors and relished them all. Her adventures on Golarion truly began after accepting Zellara’s invitation via Harrow card. Finding this to be an odd behavior of her only friend, Raven quickly made her way to Zellara’s home and was greeted not by Zellara, but by two strange men. One was a handsome elf with finely woven armor and a blade made of a strange black alloy. Raven instantly began thinking of ways to relieve him of any wealth he had. The other stranger was a heavily muscled orc that towered over her. The orc was intimidating, but had little skill at the art of manipulations. His strength was definitely something that could come in handy though.

Raven scoped out what else was in the room and tried to discern where her friend could be, but found only a note that said to enjoy any food and make herself at home. A bit of time passed and Raven began to feel as if she was being watched. Her feelings were proven true when the ghost of Zellara manifested in the room and spoke to the gathered group. The ghost accused her killer of being Gadren Lamm and Raven knew that vengeance was necessary. The two men with her took little convincing and after learning that Gadren had stolen things from each of them, were even more inclined to track him down.

The group began by finding out who this man was and after a bit of investigation that included using his “children,” young orphans drugged and used to run his pickpocketing scheme, the group found his hideout. The group’s first tactic to get in was probably not the brightest, but it was definitely entertaining. Hakek, the large orc, attempted to swim to Gadren Lamms hideout, a fishery. Unknown to any of the group, Gadren Lamm owned a shark and it lived in the waters surrounding his hideout. Hakek and the shark began to wrestle in the waters and Hakek managed to bring the shark on land and bash it against the dock until it stopped moving. It was definitely an interesting scene for Raven to watch. As this was going on, some of Gadren’s men came to check what was happening. As the guard watched Hakek and the guard duke it out, Raven and the elf, Cyrilis, manage to subdue the one guard. Raven then took on the identity and clothing of the guard. Choosing this plan to be a safer one, the two men acted as Raven’s prisoners. This also pleased her, but she was too concerned about avenging her friend’s killer to take any actual joy from it. It was a simple task to convince the other guards of who she was pretending to be and Raven quickly made her way to Gadren. When attempting to convince Gadren of the same ruse, he ordered Raven to kill her two “prisoners,” something she could not do. She and her companions quickly took arms and changed their plans to fighting instead of subtlety. Cyrilis, the elf, created a wall of fire to block the exits and forced the guards to fight to the death. Raven enjoyed taking the life of Gadren. She placed her hand on his head as he went to his knees begging for his wretched life and with a pulse of negative energy, she watched as his soul was forced from his body. Rummaging through the belongings of Gadren, the party found their missing items and more importantly, Zellara’s head. In the next room of the fishery though, they came upon a group of dying orphans and this dictated the party’s next move.

The Death of the King
Raven flensed the flesh off each corpse with divine magic to prevent rotting and searched the guards for a dying, but not yet dead man. She found one and healed his wounds just enough to wake him. Using him, Raven was able to find out that the children were drugged with Cremshaw root and that the withdrawals were lethal. Raven stayed with the children to protect them from the disasters happening around the city while Hakek and Cyrilis went on ahead to find out what was happening. After waiting for over an hour on her companions, Raven decided to head into the streets herself. She left the children with a guard and made her way into the chaotic streets outside to locate the nearest pharmacy for anything that could help the children. This wasn’t one of her best decisions and Raven found herself surrounded by several mephits of various planes. The mephits struck time and time again, but Raven was able to avoid the worst of their blows. Her armor was not as untouched though and was quickly being torn apart. Luckily for Raven, her allies managed to return in time before she became overwhelmed. The group defeated the mephits together and continued on to a nearby pharmacy. The group ransacked the now abandoned pharmacy, but found nothing to help the children. Some dark force seemed to have found them and strange tendrils of dark energy seeped from the floorboards of the pharmacy. Raven and her allies quickly left the area and continued onward to find somewhere safer. They were forced to fight a few more groups of mephits, bypass an angry mob, and eventually came to the mages’ college.
The mages of the college were currently embroiled in a fight of their own, two sides of opposing magic were arguing about the succession of the queen and about to come to blows over it. This is where the group was first needed, as a group of angered mages had a chance to level the entire city if not shown what was happening around them. The group discussed the best way to get their attention and spoke with various guards before speaking to the mages. Raven volunteered to be the one to convince them to put aside their differences and restore relative peace to the city. Raven used magic to project her voice to the gathered crowd of mages and was able to convince them to help with much less effort than she expected. The mages were then split into groups and each helped to clear sectors of the city. With the help of the mages, calm quickly returned to the city, but with a sense of dread to it.

The Coming of the Queens of Plague
Raven and her companions made their way to Castle Korvosa, now regarded as heroes to the people of the city for their efforts. It was here that they met Queen Ileosa Arabasti and Raven almost immediately wanted to stick a knife between her ribs. Raven had had little time to grieve for her lost family back in the darklands, but she felt it everytime she closed her eyes. This woman had no grief about the death of her husband and king. Cyrilis was quick to act however and covered up Raven’s loathing by distracting the queen and citing Raven’s divine connection in assisting to determine what had killed the king. Raven was allowed to examine the king and found that a poison had killed the king and his hands and throat showed the greatest damage. She ran through her memory for any similar symptoms of known poisons, but came up with nothing. Raven and her companions inspected multiple other sections of the castle, but could only come upon the poison again clinging to the last meal of the king. Its discovery offered no clues as to who could’ve really been the murderer. All bets were on the new queen, but there was no proof. Raven also managed to find another disease growing, this one of a magical origin. She could not identify it, but such a thing worried her. She cleansed the area and the companions continued their search, but found no answers.

Plague in the Streets
Raven’s worry about the disease she found among her search was well placed, as it had already started spreading through the city. The greatest section of the city hit was the fish markets and corpses were already starting to pile up from in in the week after the king’s death. Raven and her companions did what they could for those infected and disposed of the bodies of those already killed off. The work was dangerous and strange swarms of insects rampaged throughout the markets as well. The group realized it was the fish being sold at market that carried the disease and were quick to warn the guards, burning all the fish currently at market and cleansing those not yet put out for sale. To investigate where this strange disease had begun, the group went into the bay and swam with the fishies. Here they found a sunken ship and unopened boxes surrounded by dying fish. After finding what was releasing the disease and killing Korvosan citizens, the group and divers rounded up teh crates and managed to minimize the spread of the disease.

Trouble at the Mountains

The Dragon’s Hoard

Finding the Blue Flower

Murder, Treason, and Liars!

Returning to the Chieftain

Bitten by a Bear

The Cult of Undeath
The Queen of Gluttony, Disease, and Undeath is actually a favored goddess to Raven and many of her prayers go out to the Pallid Princess. Raven’s allegiance however goes to the Savored Sting first and foremost though, so when given a chance to disrupt this cult of Urgathoa and put her own twist into it, Raven was more than willing to join. Raven broke off from her companions and stayed with the cult; learning their ways, scriptures, and organizational hierarchy. Raven’s quick wit and careful eye helped her to quickly rise through the ranks and the occasional murder of who she was to replace helped her rises in rank as well. In three weeks, Raven became the head of the congregation in Korvosa and gained two powerful undead minions as well as the Essence of Urgathoa from the late Head-priest that now served as her right hand. The Essence of Urgathoa was a treasure indeed, but Raven had plans other than becoming a mere lich. She would not give up her mortality to crumble into bones or to live as a slave to the blood of others. Already, she had seen the magic inherent in blood and her phylactery would be inscribed in that magic. She gazed at the raw distillation of divinity that would aid in her ritual as Cyrilis and the Werebear Hakek strolled into the camp to greet her in her latest Hall. Putting the bottle away, she strolled off her comfortable chair and they left the congregation behind.

The Faithful of Desna
The cavern into the underdark was well-hidden and if the group had not known of its existence, they would have overlooked it. Delving into the cave, they walked through the winding tunnels until they came to a pass guarded by drow. Unsure of the drow’s true alignments and honesty, Raven approached cautiously with Hakek and Cyrilis at her back. She requested entrance into the city and showed the insignia given to her by the drow princess they had rescued.

True to her word, the insignia was instantly recognized by the guards and the group was allowed into the city. All that Raven knew of the drow is that centuries ago, they had been elves that lived in the Darklands and when Rovagug was imprisoned, a bit of his essence infected them, turning them into an evil and depraved race of demon worshippers. The beauty of the caverns and the kindness being offered to her as she ventured through the streets and shops were wholly unexpected. The ceiling of the cavern had multiple glowing stones that provided illumination to the entire cavern. Raven’s prior knowledge of the drow cast suspicion on everything she saw as she waited for a trap to be sprung.

Raven's Expedition on the High Seas

Waking from a night of passion, Raven found herself wrapped in the finest silk blankets and surrounded by wealth of all nations. The room rocked back and forth as she happened to currently be on the sea, sailing toward an encounter with the minions of Urgathoa. Unsure of what to expect when she stepped outside, Raven donned her armor and took up her scythe before stepping out. The captain of the ship was hurriedly giving orders as cannons fired and cannon fire was returned from the enemy. Mages stood in a trance, grasping red orbs and concentrating spells on the enemy ships. The enemy ships were no more than wreckages, but they sailed with the powers of undeath and two dracoliches provided the lift and magic to stay afloat. The entire battle happened around a massive whirlpool that had began at the start of the cannon fire and attempted to drag all the ships into it’s deadly embrace. Outmatched, Raven did her best to keep the ship afloat, mending holes spouting water into the ship wherever she could. The undead ships launched enchanted cannonballs that sprouted into massive black tentacles on impact and began strangling the crew. Raven responded by using her divine magic to negate the magic and free her crew as well as using magic of her own to send arrows that would flood the ships with water or would paint them with a glowing target. The flooding of the ships seemed to have no impact, the ships held aloft not by buoyancy, but by magic and the dracoliches alone. After furling minutes of cannon fire, one of the ships strayed too close to the whirlpool and found itself being crushed in its watery depths. The crew of Raven’s ship cheered and with only one enemy left, they closed the distance. The other ship didn’t go down without a fight, but eventually the threat of Urgathoa to the remains of Aroden was no more. The dead god would remain just that, at least until Raven was ready to raise him herself.

With the last enemy ship destroyed, the sea calmed and the vessel set sail back home to Cheliax. Near Bunyip Docks a Korvosan flagship hailed Raven’s vessel and boarded it, claiming the pollution of THugra was on board. Raven knew little of this, but apparently the red orbs used by the mages of the ship were attached to undead monstrosities that spawned from Cyrilis. Unsure of why she should stop them in the first place, Raven allowed the Captain to take all of the specimens, marking down his name as her next source of information.

Finally docking in Cheliax, Raven bid farewell to Captain Seahorse and thanked him for his assistance. Raven then found her way into the research facility housing the Thugra subjects and was shocked to learn that her drow allies had been captured along with lycanthropes and vampires. Raven confronted Captain Telvac about what he knew and was given permission to speak to the prisoners. Raven must first with a demon and managed to wrangle the cult’s location. Raven then decided that pretty soon, she would be killing that demon. Raven then met with one of the drow prisoners to learn their story and was shocked to find out the the prisoner was the drow handmaiden of the princess that Raven had rescued five years ago. Having fond memories of the times with the princess, Raven knew that the drow were not evil or even the slightest of allies with Thugra and began hatching a plot to free them. Seducing and slaying Captain Telvac was the easy part. Escaping the facility with the prisoners in tow was not. Raven took on the identify of the Captain and then proceeded to find all valuables and research she could before disposing of the Captain’s corpse, throwing it in her bag for use later on. A quick lie about what had happened to the woman in the room was all that was needed to convince the men of her new identity. Raven then gathered the head guard and ten of his men and ordered them to prepare a ship for immediate departure. The prisoners were to be gathered and brought along for continued research and for information. The demon that Raven had vowed to kill in her head was also among the prisoners and Raven decided it was probably time to take the pest out before the next part of her plan was to unfold. Maybe outside though, wouldn’t want to get blood on the marble floors and it was a nice day out anyways. Bloodshed always made Raven giddy already, the sunshine would just be a bonus.


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