Realm of the Mammoth Lords

A realm of mega-fauna, inhabited by humans almost as savage as the pre-historic beasts surrounding them, the Realm of the Mammoth Lords is a land in Avistan’s far-north that spells doom for those who take it lightly.

The Realm of the Mammoth Lords has no central government and its leadership is very different from the sort the soft inhabitants of the civilized south are used to. The people of the land divide themselves into large family-based tribes. While some tribes stay in these small family clusters, most chose to form larger ‘followings’. A following is when two or more tribes join together to follow a particularly powerful warrior/leader. These followings only occur around leaders who have proved themselves through acts of great courage, strength, or guile. When one of these leaders dies (often attempting another epic feat to impress their followers) these followings either elect to follow a new hero (who must have achieved similarly spectacular feats), split into their original tribes, or try to join the following of another hero. A leader’s death causes all of these things to happen, with each tribe deciding by itself what it wants to do. The largest current following is the Bearpelt Following who are lead by Mighty Kuldor, the strongest man in the whole of the Realm of the Mammoth Lords, which is quite a claim. There are normally anywhere between 10 and 30 large followings at any one time. In addition to the large followings, there are normally around 200 smaller followings which consist of only a couple of tribes banding together for survival’s sake. The most prominent followings are the Greattusk, Ice Chasm, Raptorscale and Slothjaw followings.

The Realm of the Mammoth Lords is a timeless place that flows with the rhythms of nature and the dictates of the seasons, and as such does not measure its history in the same way as civilised folk who obsess over dates and years. The timeless nature of the land and its inhabitants’ primitive lifestyle means that the Realm of the Mammoth Lords’ history is filled less filled with the betrayals and political turmoil typical of other lands. The biggest event to beset the Realm of the Mammoth Lords in recent times was the death of Aroden and the subsequent creation of the Worldwound which created a new threat to the east. What was once a similarly minded barbarian kingdom, Sarkoris, was soon overrun with the hordes of ravenous demons that now raid along the Mammoth Lords’ eastern border.

The Realm of the Mammoth Lords sits in the far north of Avistan wedged against the vast, icy nothingness of the Crown of the World. To its east lies the demon-infested wasteland known as the Worldwound, while it shares its western border with Baba Yaga’s realm of Irrisen. Stuck between these two hostile, supernatural powers, it is no wonder that the Realm spawns such hardy folk. The majority of the land is covered in cold, harsh tundra and boreal forest, across which roam herds of huge creatures long extinct in other lands.
Herds of aurochs and bison roam amongst families of lumbering mammoths (for which the land is named) and mastodons, all under the hunting eye of saber-tooth tigers. These creatures are believed to come from some sort of strange underground world where titanic beasts from an earlier age still roam and humans have never grasped the tenants of civilisation. This land is known to its inhabitants (and the few scholars who believe in its existence) as Deep Tolguth. It is believed that the Earthnavel, a terrifying descent lined with the bones of ancient beasts and tribal warriors, once connected Deep Tolguth to the surface. However, the lower tunnels have long since collapsed. It is rumoured that within certain valleys of the Tusk Mountains, which dominates the centre of the Realm of the Mammoth Lords, there are even hidden warm valleys that contain dinosaurs long since wiped from the rest of the planet.

Realm of the Mammoth Lords

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